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English homework help. guidelines
I choose to work on cardio. So please write cardio logs.
The Exercise Prescription will consist of at least 6-8 numbered pages.   These pages will consist primarily of your workout logs.  See the “Sample Workout pdf’s uploaded in Blackboard.”  You are welcome to design your own.
On each workout sheet, document your workouts done in a two week period.  Seven pages should have at least 14 workouts.  You might use the front and back of the page.  On each page, show the name of the exercise, how long you performed it, i.e. Treadmill – Cardio for 20 minutes AND the intensity, i.e. Exercise Heart Rate and the average speed, and if you raised the treadmill to incline.   If you are working on weights, show the name of the exercise, the name of the machine, indicate if you used free weights or your own body weight as resistance, the resistance or number of pounds of the free weight or weight stacks on the machine, the number of repetitions and the number of sets.
On the cover page, include your name, your photo, title of the document – Fitness Training Exercise Prescription and date.
Second page will include a short paragraph 30 to 50 words of your goal, such as .  I want to get stronger or I want to tone my whole body but especially upper body.   Please note this is not a goal statement – I want to get in shape or I want to be more fit. 
Show paragraph  headings and Bold the text.  Note you can have two goals, i.e.   I want to have stronger arms and chest AND I want to be able to run longer and faster without losing my breath.
Next, for each goal you write, include at least two objectives. This can be in outline form, such as a table  with columns to indicate Current condition, Mid semester  progress and Final semester conditioning in the first two weeks of May.  To do this, you will need to asses your current cardio, flexiblity or strength ability.  You will timie yourself on a cardio machine and assess how you feel. What is it easy, moderate or difficult?  How far did you jog, step, walk or run?  For how long? The machine will indicate all of that including what your average exercise heart rate was while on the machine.    In the first two pages of your assignment where you will outline your goal and objective, your headline objective might show for example that by May 7, 2020, you will run three miles in less time than currently, with a  target hear rate, with the machine on an incline of “7”.   The other objective will include an expected measurable outcome by May 7th that involves increasing the intensity of the heart and lungs while on a different cardio machine or machines.
For the other Goal related to Weight Training,  show  two objectives. Again if you want to have stronger arms, you will assess arm strength by course session two or three,  by writing down how much resistance or pounds you can lift now, how many repetitions and how many sets you can currently do.   Then, write down how much resistance, reps, and sets you expect to lift by May 7, 2020.  The second weight training objective might focus on shoulders or back exercises since the strength of arms depend upon the larger muscles that support them.
We will review this assignment in class.  In the meantime, please email me with questions.

English homework help


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