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Assignment: Prewriting and Rough Draft
Prewriting(one page, single-spaced)
writes about why masks, gloves, goggles and everything should be mandatory during the US epidemic (COVID-19). Consider the appeals you might use in your Opinion Editorial. How will you establish your ethos? What types of emotional appeals might be appropriate to your audience and purpose? How will you establish a logical line of argument? What data, facts, and so forth can you bring to bear on your argument? List these in a document. This assignment needs only be one page , single-spaced, and in .doc or .docx format. Save this prewriting assignment to be turned in with your Opinion Editorial Portfolio.
Assignment: Opinion Editorial Rough Draft(3 pages, double space)
With a list of claims and reasons as well as appeals, you are ready to start drafting. You will receive the full ten points for this assignment by turning in a complete draft (that is, introduction and thesis, several supporting paragraphs, and conclusion, MLA citation).


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