English homework help

English homework help. you should use some support from the text to complete the essay questions to earn full points, however, limit your responses to no more than 500 words so be selective finding the best support and be concise in your points, but thorough in your analysis. ( question 1 and 2 )
1)Choose one particular time period (Enlightenment, Romanticism, Postwar, etc.) touched upon in the readings this semester. Do not use modernism as we will be reflecting on modernism in the next question. Describe and utilize concrete examples from the readings that may have been directly influenced by the events, leaders, or values associated with a particular time period. How is the time period reflected in the writing? In other words, how is the writing influenced by the time period?
For these answer use Romanticism as period in that u would use the tale of kieu. Atleast provide one source or supporting text from textbook.
2) The 20th century is the time of modernism and certainly a fast modernization of our world. Modernization arrived at different speeds in different parts of the world and was received with indifference, optimism, or outright horror. Consider the texts we have read this semester and supply some examples of a picture of modern man (human) in the 20th century and what is the response? How is your understanding and depiction grounded/justified in examples from the literature of the age?
 This way to the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen? It show the horror for sure- so does Metamorphosis. Use these story and supported from textbook.
3) For this journal entry, consider the following elements of style in postwar and postcolonial literature seen below and in the power point for this week.

  • Intersections of oral and written forms
  • Hybridity in both text production and themes
  • Globalization as a theme
  • Demands a rethinking of idea of “homeland”
  • Dismantles ideas of “cultural uniqueness”
  • Engages in “neorealism”

Write about the ways the authors of the three works of literature incorporate these elements in their work. You only need to select three of the elements – not discuss all of them.

Select story of Borowski, Baldwin, and Chike



Use textbook the

English homework help


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