English homework help

English homework help.

You will read and discuss former English 102 student persuasive research essays for DF 7. The student essays you are reading had the same essay assignment you have: to write about a school, work or other local community issue that affects the writer directly.
All of these essays show different examples of strengths in writing this essay. Please use these as models for your own writing and feedback of the persuasive research essay. My hope is by reading the examples closely and discussing them, you are able to better write your own essay.
Initial Response directions:

  • Read *two* of the three student sample essays (near Discussion Forum 7 in Week 6’s Module).
  • In two, separate carefully written PIE formatted paragraphs,  analyze two different writing/research elements of the essays (one element per paragraph). So one element for one of the essays in one paragraph, the other (one needs to be Rogerian argument) for the other essay in one paragraph.
  • Of these *one* of the elements must be Rogerian argument. The other can be anything that we’ve read or discussed about that is important for a good persuasive research essay that is responding to the persuasive research essay assignment for this class.

You can discuss overall organization (how well the writer stays focused on their thesis,  audience awareness (is it clear who their audience is and are they crafting an argument for that audience specifically), thesis statements, transitions, credible sources, MLA formatting, etc. Just remember, one of your paragraphs must discuss how well the writer utilizes the Rogerian argument for their essay and why. In your analysis be sure to cite information from information in the modules and/or the textbook.

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English homework help


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