English homework help

Review these articles about writing introductions and conclusions:

After looking over those suggestions, and considering what you’ve planned for your own draft, assess your progress on opening and closing your essay so far.
Create an entry that includes any or all of the followin

  • questions you had while reading these articles
  • how effective you think these articles are
  • how you feel about your intro/conclusion as they stand at the moment
  • what relationship you see between your introduction and conclusion sections
  • what strategy you plan to pursue to get your intro & conclusion in shape for the final

Assignment Requirements

This is an informal assignment.  Your writing can be in complete sentences, or bullet points or fragments, as you see appropriate.  Editing isn’t vital for this work, though it should be proofread to the point that obvious typos or misspellings are addressed and corrected.  Target word count is 150-300 words for this entry.


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