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1984 Today: Testing Orwellian Prophesy
From its vision of technology and surveillance, to its dystopian vision of the relationship between individual citizen and the state and the weight of social conformity, George Orwell’s 1948 novel, 1984 has long been regarded as a prophetic manifesto of the modern world.  Based on your interpretation of the film adaptation of 1984, where in our contemporary world do you see analogous manifestations of the elements that made up the world of Orwell’s novel and/or defined the lives its characters?
Your essay should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Font: 12 pt, New Times Roman;
  • Margins: 1”;
  • MLA Citation.


  • Title: Your work must have a title;
  • Text: Your work must be grounded within an analysis of 1984
  • Citations: A minimum of two citations and a maximum of four;
  • Assessment: Please see the writing rubric and writing guidelines for detailed information and instructions on scholarly writing.
  • Length: 500-750 wds. (2-3pages).


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