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This activity is designed to help you fully explore the first step in the Career Development Model: Your experiences, both personal and work-related, your influences, attitudes, and behaviors all combine to define who you are. Using the following prompts as a guide, write your personal history. ( It’s not required to answer every question or discuss each topic. These are just topics to help guide you in completing your narrative).
Personal information: Start with your basic information such as name, age, gender, ethnicity/cultural background or any other personal characteristics you feel are significant about you. Where have you lived? Who did you live with? Did you stay in one place or move frequently? How did you feel about where you were living? What was your socio-economic status?
Family: What did your parents or primary caregivers do for a living? What about your grandparents or any other relatives you felt close to? How did they feel about their careers? How do you know? What do you think about their careers? What did they want you to be? How did they communicate this to you? What were some cultural/ethnic practices that shaped your self-image and identity?
Education: What high schools and colleges did you attend? Did you graduate? What subjects do you like best? What special abilities do you have? Were you involved in any school clubs, activities, or projects? How do feel about education in general? Was there a teacher, counselor or student who made a positive impression on you? What were your families perception around education and how did they support you?
Work experiences: What was your first job? How old were you? How did you get it? What other work experience have you had, both paid and volunteer? Even if you haven’t had a paid position, have you performed work duties and/or had responsibilities? Have you ever been discriminated against or stereotyped on the job? What did you like most and least about each job you have had? Is there any work experience that particularly stands out for you? Write about it.
Leisure: What do you do when you aren’t working or going to school? What kinds of books or magazines do you like to read? What television shows or radio programs do you like to watch/listen to? Why? Do you belong to any organizations, play a sport or music, or do other activities. What do you enjoy? Why?
Life roles: Think of all the roles you play in life: daughter, son, sibling, parent, friend, student, worker, athlete, etc. Which roles do you like or value the most? Why?
Now, as you review your personal history, what themes do you see? What or who has influenced you? How does your history influence the job or career choices you have made or plan to make in the future? What other insights do you have so far about your work experiences or in other areas of your life?
Assignment Specifications:
Minimum of 2 pages (800-word count)
Double spaced
1-inch margins
(my name is Cara, female,24, in SF,California )
(Personal information doesn’t matter. Whatever. I just want a sample paper)


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