English homework help

English homework help. I am attaching the paper someone wrote for me and this is the feedback from my professor:
Hi – Thank you for submitting your introductory speech. You earned a D (63%) on this speech. Please review my feedback below, and reach out so that I can provide additional support.
Excellent job keeping your speech clear and consistent throughout your introductory speech. It was easy to hear you.
It is important to make sure that your visual quality is clear and consistent throughout. It should be easy for your audience to view your video.
The speech remained entirely focused on your topic, which can be difficult when speaking aloud.
The speech remained within the time requirement.
You were missing eye contact here. Remember to connect with the audience by making frequent eye contact, just as you would in a conversation. Don’t forget to let your voice and inflection change to reflect your natural emotions, too, and try to use natural gestures. This will make the audience feel like you’re speaking to them, rather than simply reciting something.
Keep working on connecting with your audience via eye contact and expressive voice. Continue to work on this; you will get there! Prior to completing future assignments, review the provided resources (Job Aids and live session recordings) to assist with correctly recording and uploading a video of your speech.
Again, thank you for submitting your introductory speech. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning your grade or feedback.
*I am not doing eye contact, only video, in which I do.t have the forms of doing it video.
I have to do Assignment 2.2 which I paid someone to do it and she lied and said I didn’t.
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

English homework help


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