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A big huzzah—the rough drafts are done, which is a major hurdle. I know there’s still a lot to do, but I think the hardest part’s out of the way.
Now it’s time to turn away from the raw content creation of writing a draft, and towards the fine-tuning that does into polishing and shaping an effective essay.  To start with, I’d like you to review this Post Draft Outline presentation (Links to an external site.).
Create a post-draft outline (PDO) for your own essay in its most current form.  Share that PDO with us here.
After you’ve laid out the summary sentences for us to see, follow this with a short paragraph of personal response and analysis of what this activity told you.  Make at least two observations of how you’ll change, add, subtract, or divide content as you move forward in the writing process.
Your posts will vary in length this week.  Just make sure a full PDO is included and followed by at least a 3-sentence paragraph of observation.  It doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect, but should use standard English (no text-speak, please) and normal capitalization rules.
You will also need to return to this Discussion to reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts.  Content could include, but is not limited to, any of the following: Do you get a full sense of what that paper will be about?  Does anything strike you as repetitive, or do you feel there is content that needs to be covered in more depth?  Offer at least 2 suggestions that come out of your reflections on their post-draft outline content.
Responses are weighed as heavily as your initial posting, and should be roughly as long (150-200 words) in combination.  Responses should indicate you’ve read your classmate’s post carefully.  Include specific details from the post you’re responding to in your reply.


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