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Money Management and Personal Finance
Class Week Three
Special Exercise
Class Three Exercise
Fictional Family Budget
In this Class Session, we have been discussing the importance of goal setting and budgeting. We
have considered the essential elements of budgeting for short-term and long-term goals.
This Assignment is to imagine a fictional family (or your own, if you desire). Set up a budget
sheet for this family showing income and expenses for this family in a given year.
This does not have to be extremely detailed (in fact, make it fit on one page). It is intended
merely as an exercise in seeing that a family only has a limited amount of income and needs to
carefully plan its distribution and management.
The goal of the handling of the income is to cover all short and long-term expenses with an eye
toward growth of financial standing (investments, savings, etc.).
You may do this Assignment in MS Word, Apple Pages, InDesign, MS Excel or Adobe Acrobat.
Once completed, please submit it at the appropriate link in the Course.
This Special Exercise is worth fifty points toward the maximum achievable points of one thousand points for the Course.
If you have any questions or problems with this Assignment, please let me know.
Michael R. Hughes, Instructor


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