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 I believe that experiencing live classical music, and supporting the arts, is extremely important. As students taking a music course, it is imperative that you listen to two concerts during the course of this class. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all concerts have been cancelled until further notice. I have put together ten options for you. You can pick the most appealing option and listen to all videos in that option. For instance, you decide to listen to option 1. You need to listen to Mendelssohn, Mozart, and Shostakovich. All options are approximately the same length (90min) and mimic what a live classical concert would be like. Since you need to listen to two concerts, you will need to pick two options! (You will find the options in the Word document below)Write a report and make sure to talk about the following:

  • Full description of the piece musically (form, tempo, style/genre, textural, rhythmic, melodic, harmonic & tonal features, as appropriate). 
Use the musical terms you’ve learned in the class.
  • Comments on the performance, musicians, why you enjoyed (or hated) this particular piece. Be subjective – feel free to say you hated it, as long as you provide justification!
  • Commentary/reflections on the concert as a whole.

Type the concert report in Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced, between 900-1000 words.

  • attachment



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