English homework help

English homework help.

  • In the ‘’English Mania’’ video, what is Walker ‘s basic thesis statement?


  • 2)List at least three examples Walker used to support his thesis?


  • Did you find any weakness in his presentation? Did Walker commit any fallacies such as overgeneralizations. Cherry picking, bandwagon, etc?


  • In the ‘’Don’t Insist on English’’ video, what is Ryan’s basic thesis statement.


  • List at least three examples, Ryan used to support her thesis.


  • Did you find any weaknesses in her presentation? Did Ryan commit any fallacies such as overgeneralizations, cherry picking, bandwagon, etc.


  • After completing the questions above, you can see the obvious differences in the two presenters’ positions. Now, imagine you were composing an essay contrasting the two arguments. Follow the instructions below to form an outline:
  • Compose a thesis statement you could use in a comparison contrast essay.
  • List two or three supporting details followed by at least two examples to support each of your details. Your response should follow the basic format below:

Thesis statement:

  1. Supporting detail:
  2. Example
  3. Example


  1. Supporting detail
  2. Example
  3. Example


  • Supporting detail
  1. Example
  2. Example


English homework help


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