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Create and submit the Works Cited page for your Research paper.  Your Works Cited page should follow MLA 8th Edition guidelines.  A sample works cited page can be found in Lesson 8.  You may find the Purdue OWL MLA link (left hand side of the screen) helpful in creating a works cited page and for documenting quotations when you begin to draft your research paper. List all ten sources as required by the assignment.  Remember, use the TCC databases and libraries.  No .com or .net sources will be allowed.
Attach your Works Cited to this thread as a word document.  You do NOT need to reply to your classmates for this assignment.
Works Cited Helpful Hints:
You are required to have TEN valid sources.
Websites with .com and .net sources are NOT VALID sources and will not be accepted.  Database articles from the TCC library are always acceptable.
Document should be DOUBLE SPACED, TIMES NEW ROMAN/12 point font.
Entries should use HANGING INDENTATION (first line is longer than other lines).
Entries should be listed in ALPHABETICAL order by first word.
Do not number entries.  Do not skip lines between entries.
The names of journals, magazines, and publications should be italicized.
The names of databases should be italicized.
Each entry should identify Web or Print sources.  You may have to add these designations manually.
Each entry for an electronic source should have an access date.  You may have to add this date manually.


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