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For your final exam, you will write a five paragraph persuasive essay about something that should be changed or remain unchanged in your native culture. (Choose one topic on anything you want). In this type of essay, the writer presents her opinions and uses information from several sources to support those opinions.
Outline for essay:
A. Hook
B. General statements
C. Your viewpoint or opinion (thesis statement)
Body Paragraph 1:
A. Your argument or opinion
a. support ( Use : Statistics, anecdotes, facts, examples, research)
b. use any favorite  philosopher’s quote to support your opinion
Body Paragraph 2:
B. Counterargument : ( What do critics of your opinion say and why?)
Concession : Agree with one part of the opposing side using the language of concession: ( I agree that…, It is true that…, Undoubtedly……)
Refutation:  State why the opposing argument is untrue or incorrect giving logical arguments and examples.
Body Paragraph 3:
C. Refutation of the opposing side/ Your Argument 2( Stronger reason than your first, defending your opinion).
a. support
b. support
c. support.
A. Restatement of thesis:
B. Key words to unify essay:
C. Summary of main points:
D. Concluding thoughts: (advice or something to think about).
Please include all of the above points in your essay.
Remember there are five paragraphs total : 1) Introduction, 2) three body paragraphs, 3) Conclusion.
This is your absolute final assignment.


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