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Legends Essay
When you make a claim in an essay, you express an idea or opinion  about information in a text. But an effective essay does more than state  ideas and opinions. To persuade your readers to accept your point of  view, you’ll need to support your claim with evidence, including facts,  details, examples, or logical reasons. Complete the attached worksheet  from lesson 4 to practice using textual evidence.  You may use the ideas  from the worksheet for your essay.  Submitting the worksheet is optional and will not count against your grade; but will help you with understanding how to use textual evidence.
Please read the question to be answered carefully–this assignment is not asking you to write about The Legend of King Arthur. The prompt for the essay is below:
The legend of King Arthur is well-known in literature. Based on Unsolved Mysteries of History, there is little to suggest it is true. Do you think it is important for people to believe in legends like  King Arthur even if there is little evidence to support them? Why or  why not? Write a short (3 paragraphs) explanatory essay stating your  opinion. Justify your opinion and conclusions with relevant textual  evidence (quotes or paraphrased ideas from sources) and background knowledge. Remember to use relevant vocabulary from the text in your essay. 


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