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Initial Thoughts
The launch should be postponed because of the possible consequences of violating intellectual property rights. The team should focus on business ethics and legal issues that define the use of intellectual property rights. Drassinower (2011) argued that copyright is more than just copying, including elements such similarity and designs. Using a copyrighted picture could cost the company more than negative publicity and customer complaints. While the postponement of the event could cost the company negative publicity, the issue of intellectual property theft could have devastating outcomes. Essentially, the cost of postponing the event and designing a new poster could be a fraction of the penalties for copyright violation. In the past, many companies have canceled their events due to various reasons such regulatory requirements, logistical problems, and internal considerations. Similarly, the company should postpone the event since violation of copyright laws constitutes serious legal and ethical issue.
Mukherjee, P. (2013). Copyright or Right to Copy?. Retrieved from https:// www.babson.edu/Academics/teaching-research/gvv/Documents/Student/Copyright-or-Right-to-Copy_A_S.pdf
Drassinower, A. (2011). Copyright is not about copying. Harv. L. Rev. F.125, 108.


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