Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help. Follow the task- helpful for structure. But main topic is in the PowerPoint presentation slide..
Assessment Item 3
Description/Focus: Policy case study ─ CRITICAL REVIEW
Value: 50%
Due date: 26th may
Length: 3500 Words
References APA (20+)
Task: Consider a policy you would like to see implemented or which currently exists. As you work on the review, you should consider the key questions you have been answering for each case study which are 1) describing the imperative and purpose of the policy, 2) the development of the policy, 3) the implementation and 4) the monitoring and evaluation of the policy. Use the life cycle analysis outlined in Chapters 4-8 in the textbook to help frame and conduct your review.
Preparation: Consider the following elements when developing your cases study review:
1. Description of the environmental problem and other social concerns that are being addressed by the policy (i.e. the policy goals).
2. Describe the interaction between different levels of stakeholders in the policy – i.e. responsible parties and those affected by the policy
3. Describe the aim of your critical review.
Review and analysis of the chosen policy
4. Discuss how the policy was developed; give the history
5. Describe and discuss factors that have influenced the implementation of the policy
6. Describe and discuss the impacts of the policy. Are these intended?
7. Investigate the intended monitoring and evaluation of the policy.
8. How can the policy be improved? For whom and why?
Prepare your review with reference to appropriate policy, technical and scientific literature.
Write with a specific reader or audience in mind.
Specifically state the aim of your review.
Presentation: Your review should be in a research report format, which includes a table of contents and a well-structured heading system, and correctly and consistently formatted reference list, as you would present a review report in a professional setting. Include appropriate tables, figures.
• Identify the audience for your document (not the lecturers)
Assessment criteria: Presentation (15%)
1. Does the review neatly present the required information in the appropriate length? (3 marks)
2. Is the written expression concise and clear, and free of spelling and grammatical errors? (3 marks)
3. Are references included and correctly cited and listed? (6 marks)
4. Are figures, tables formatted neatly with a numbered title? (3 marks)
Development of ideas, arguments and organisation of text (15%)
5. Are individual paragraphs well-structured, to include an opening sentence stating the key point of the paragraph, with the body of the paragraph presenting evidence to support, further elaborate on or critique that key point? (5 marks)
6. Is there logical and clear presentation of ideas in a well-structured paragraph sequence? (5 marks)
7. Have appropriate headings been used to clearly outline the report structure for the reader, and to guide the reader through the ideas arguments or rationale of the report? (5 marks)
Introduction and context (20%)
8. Does the introduction adequately explain the context of the review topic, specifically the definition of selected policy(ies), the reason these are needed (so what is the problem that needs to be solved through this policy?); any historical aspects of the policy (how has it evolved?). (10 marks)
9. Are the aims of the review clearly stated (10 marks)
Analysis of the case study policy (50%)
10. Are factors affecting policy framing explained? (10 marks)
11. Are factors that influenced the implementation identified and critically discussed? (10 marks)
12. Is there critical discussion of the success of the policy and how its effectiveness was/is measured? (10 marks)
13. Are recommendations for policy review proposed? (10 marks)
14. Is the text sufficiently supported by reference to the literature? (10 marks)
Report structure as follows
Table of content
List of figure
List of Tables
Chapter: Introduction (250-300 words)
Chapter: Background of fracking
• What is fracking (150 words)
• History of Fracking (200 word)
• Pros and cons (150 -200 words)
• Global uses of fracking
• Australian Fracking History
• Northern Territory Fracking History (Focus on this paragraph): detailed history of the development of fracking and policy and responses in the NT (use a timeline or a table to summarize developments)
Chapter: Problem Framing (Northern Territory context)
…. Please follow the powerpoint presentation
• Add a compensation plan
• Environmental recovery requires
• Safety and precaution measurement
• Impact assessment
• Community engagement (provide education training and information about fracking)
Policy Framing (Northern Territory context)
… Please focus on the Fracking Implementation Plan in Northern Territory
…. Please follow the powerpoint presentation
Policy Implementation (including who are stake holders and their role)
Monitoring and Evaluation
To get some help
and the Plan https://cmsexternal.nt.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/673123/fracking_implementation_plan.pdf

Environmental science homework help


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