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The objective of this assignment is – from a management perspective – is to understand the product positioning, branding, and product lines. How do companies decide where to position their products in the market? How important – and difficult – is it to build a recognized brand name?Continue with the company you chose for the first assignment.Here are some parameters to guide you in compiling this paper extracted from Chapters 7-10 of the textbook.

  • Brand strategies and product positioning
  • Brand name development:
  • Creating a new brand name
  • Protecting the brand name
  • Life cycle pricing
  • Value-based pricing strategies
  • Internet pricing/marketing
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Stimulating customer action
  • Promotional price elasticity
  • Customer response
  • Relevant articles posted by faculty
  • Other concepts you identify from the text or from current events related to your company of choice, or from the past two weeks of online class discussions.

Assignment III Marketing Mix Strategies See Canvas for the due date.Format: APA,Font: Times New Roman Size 12, paper length, 4 – 5 pages.The cover page and the reference page are additional pages and should not be included in the page count.It is expected that papers are written in the third person, contain the proper terminology as used in the text and in class, are spelling and grammatically correct – with a high level of clarity and re-referenced appropriately. Refrain from pasting in excerpts from the textbook as this will diminish your grade and could be considered plagiarism – resulting in a failing grade.
Company Name: Boeing CompanyThe required book: Market Based Management Roger J. Best


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