Gender Studies homework help

Gender Studies homework help. Please complete the following discussion, plagarism free. DEADLINE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH, 11:00PM EST”Global e-Commerce and Networking”  Please respond to the following:In 2007, Mardi Tan had the idea to start a free professional meeting site for Asian and Australian professionals who wished to make business connections. Her research showed that in 2000, there were 6.4 million Internet users. As of May 2014, Yumcha’s Website showed 696 members. Examine the key challenges that Ms. Tan faced in finding global developers. Speculate on whether or not elements of culture affected the behavior of the developers that she chose. Provide a rationale for your response.Imagine that you are interested in starting an e-Commerce business. Compare the major advantages and disadvantages of starting an e-commerce business versus a traditional brick-and-mortar business. Examine the significant risks of going global with an e-Commerce business.

Gender Studies homework help


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