Geology homework help

Geology homework help. Create a report following these examples for each of the field trip stops: (Links to an external site.)

  • Your report should be double-spaced with a 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and page numbers, and should include figures and or tables with captions. It should have a title and an author name.
  • Use literature resources from the Modules and cite sources, include a reference list
  • I also recommend using the reading materials for the course
  • Wikipedia is a good resource to quickly find a brief explanation on a wide range of topics, but you cannot cite it (nor should you copy text from it!).


  1. Avoid journal style – e.g., avoid phrases like “first we went to the outcrop and then we started measuring”
  2. Your description of stratigraphic units should follow a depth scale and should not be chronological (or journal style) – e.g., “the lowermost bed is white in color” instead of “the first bed was white in color” because the reader is interested in the spatial arrangement of the beds and not where you were at what time.
  3. Use independent spatial indicators all the time:” East, North, West, South”, not “right and left”, because it depends on where a person is with respect to the outcrop. Also use “below and above” instead of “first and last” to indicate stratigraphic position.


  1. Use citations in the text according to the Geological Society of America Citation Style guide: (Links to an external site.)
  2. Avoid plagiarism, take a look at these links:
  3. Copying text verbatim and placing between quotation marks is not allowed for this report, nor can you copy or borrow and then rearrange the words. You can paraphrase, but you also need to synthesize and produce an original work using YOUR OWN thought process and vocabulary.

1) I posted a 6-minute video tutorial on how to use the Google Earth field trips:
2) Examples of field trip reports (these are from a different school and different outcrops, but same type of class) :
3) For a quick reminder on depositional environments are and tectonic settings for sedimentary basins see here in Ch. 6 in Physical Geology:
I will quickly go over these on Friday, but it would be even better is if you checked the following before attending to class:
1) Do you have any technical issues using Google Earth field trips? If yes, get in touch ASAP so we can resolve it
2) From reading the first couple of pages of the two examples of reports, do you understand the general structure of a field trip report (geological setting, observations, interpretations) or do you have any questions to ask on Friday?
3) From reading Ch. 6 in Physical Geology, do you understand how depositional environments are interpreted from observations (lithology, sedimentary structures, fossils/allochems) and how sedimentary basins relate to tectonics? This is the general framework that is typically used in field reports of sedimentary rocks.

Geology homework help


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