Government homework help

American Military University
Intelligence Studies Program
INTL 433
Midterm Assignment
Due Date: End Week 5 (11:59 PM / 2359 hrs)
Based On Week 4 and Week 5, Lessons, Forums, and Labs.
Part 1: 70 Points. Create a PowerPoint slide deck discussing Labs 4 and 5, and presenting your week 5 Inauguration Map. The PowerPoint format follows:

  • Slide 1: Assignment title slide
  • Slides 2 and 3: Provide a short summary (one paragraph) of each week’s Lab assignment (weeks 4 and 5).
  • Slide 4: Post a PDF or screen shot of your week 4 Presidential Inauguration map that includes a WMS layer.
  • Slide 5: Post a PDF or screen shot of your OpenStreetMap edit.

Part 2: 30 Points. Answer the following questions and present in a Word file. Each answer should be 150 words or more.

  1. In your words, what is open source geospatial data? Give an example. 10 points


  1. In your words, what is Volunteered Geographic Information? Provide an example. 10 points


  1. What dangers might arise from having too much geospatial data freely available? 10 points



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