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Answer ALL THREE questions

  1. Illustrate the main characteristics and the associated challenges of perishable food supply chains such as the meat supply chain. (maximum 1500 words) 100 marks
  2. How might Wings and Legs combine a lean and agile approach in its supply chain? (maximum 1500 words) 100 marks
  3. What are the relative merits of each possible position of the material decoupling point? What option would you suggest to Wings and Legs? Provide justification for your answer. (maximum 1500 words) 100 marks
  4. Exercise No.  2:  Judicial and Legislative Review of Administrative Action
    two tasks:

    • Judicial Review: On pages 151 – 178, Rosenbloom discusses several aspects of Judicial Review of administrative actions, beginning with “reviewability” and ending with “adjudication”. Please indicate how many of these topics are present and relevant in your project case (Goldberg v. Kelly), identify them, and give a short description of why you think that the issues apply.


    • Legislative Review: Between pages 178 and 174, Rosenbloom discusses 7 different mechanisms for legislative review of administrative actions. (1) a short description of each in your own words and (2) assessment of the effectiveness of each. Drawing from the text and any other research you want to conduct, please rate each mechanism on a scale of 5 (high) to 1 (low) on how your group views the effectiveness of the mechanism in providing legislative oversight to Administrative Action. Please provide a brief explanation of why you rated the mechanism as you did.

    Approximately 1-1.5 pages in length.
    Text is in another attachment
    Case Resource:


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