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History homework help. Patient Teaching Plan
NOTE: Please do NOT remove any of the text on this form. Do NOT use any other form but this one. Fill it in and submit in its entirety to aid in its grading.
Your Name: Madinatu Balogun Date: 5/26/20
Purpose: The purpose of this Patient Teaching Project is to develop a patient teaching plan and create a visual teaching tool aimed at promoting health and preventing disease for a specified patient population.
• This Teaching Plan is Part 1 of the Patient Teaching Project. You will use this Patient Teaching Plan to create a Visual Teaching Tool in Part 2 of this project.
Patient Teaching Plan
State the topic you have selected for your Teaching Project.
(Please select from the list provided in the Teaching Project guidelines located in Module 4.)
Describe in detail why this is an important topic for patient education. Use evidence from the textbook, lesson or an outside scholarly source to support your rationale.
The topic I have chosen is medication safety in the home this teaching will help prevent medication errors morbidity and mortality in the home . This is also essential because it implements patient centered care and safety. This is a very important topic. According to Berland, Astrid , Bebtsen,Signe Berit “Medication errors occur frequently in home care and can threaten the safety of patients ,medication errors are the significant cause for morbidity and mortality” (2017).
Describe, in detail, the characteristics of the population you are planning to teach with the Visual Teaching Tool.
I plan to conduct teaching to Elderly, pediatrics, those with language barriers.
What are some potential learning barriers for this population of learners?
(Barriers might be cultural, physical, educational, or environmental. Refer to the assigned article in the project guidelines for more information.) Some of the barriers to learning are culture, literacy and language. According to Beagley, L. “A challenging aspect is the ability to communicate effectively to the patient whose native language is not English” (2011). as a result of some patient not being able to understand or are not fluent in English teaching outcomes become challenging.
Another barrier that hinders teaching is the the environment it must be free of distractions. For example, if the environment where teaching is conducted is too hot or cold , noisy or the lighting is too dim this may cause the patient to not pay attention or loose concentration.
Describe how you could develop your Visual Teaching Tool in a way that will address these potential barriers.
The visual teaching tool I will incorporate will note attention to barriers that may hinder effective learning of patient teaching. I would use pictures for patient who not English speaking this will help describe what in detail I am teaching. Potential barriers could be language barrier, I would also teach in an environment with good room temperature and decreased noise. I would also be receptive, instructive and assess the understanding of the teaching.
Where do you plan to utilize your Visual Teaching Tool?
(Examples: primary care clinic, health fair, school, etc…) I plan to use pamphlets with pictures and written information on proper medication administration, visual reminders of the 5 rights of medication administration such as a memory board labeling the correct route,dose, medication, time of administration, potential adverse effects, and , it would also state the importance of communicating information about current medication the patient is taking. I would also use power points with tips on safe medication administration in English and Spanish`.
Will you be teaching one-on-one, in small groups, or to a large crowd?
I will teach one to one when there is a language barrier so so I can request for an interpreter and also if there maybe a need for privacy . Small and large groups will also be taught because the feedback to teaching maybe useful to the other patients in the group.
Write three specific learning objectives your visual teaching tool will address.
Example: At the end of this education, the learner will be able to list 3 benefits of regular physical activity. 1.At the end of the teaching the patient will do return demonstration of how and when they should administer their medication safely. They will also explain the importance of report any changes of how they are feeling in regards to medication administration.
2.At the end of the teaching the patient the patient will explain 3 hazards that may be fatal in medication administration at home.
3.at the end of teaching the patient explain why it is important to safely administer medication in the home.
Write a paragraph describing how you could evaluate whether your visual teaching tool was successful and met the learning objectives. Consider the population’s abilities and the setting.
In my evaluation as to if my visual teaching tool used was effective I will formulate an assessment questionnaire to see if the patient has a full understanding of what was taught once barriers to learning have been addressed.
List any references used to create this Teaching Plan in APA format.
(Hanging indent not required.)
Remember to also use in-text citations within this document, when appropriate (Author, year).
Beagley, L(2011). Educating patients understanding barriers, learning styles, and teaching techniques. Journal of Perianenesthesia
Berland, Astrid, Bentsen, Signe Berit (2017). Medication error in home care: a qualitative focus group study. Journal of Clinical Nursing (John Wiley& Sons, Inc.);Nov2017,Vol.26 Issue 21-22, p3734-3741,8p

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