History homework help

Students are asked to review the differences and write a synopsis of no less than
six pages (both sides of three sheets) on the development of clothing during the Early 17th Century Cavalier/Baroque and throughout the 18th century (Early and Late), focusing on the impact that trade, new developments in the production of cloth and the ‘new ideas’ had on the beginning of fashion consumerism albeit limited to the upper and middle classes.
Students must provide historical references as covered during the lectures, together with names and terminology of actual garment pieces as worn in different parts of Europe. This is important – the more terminology proves you understand what the garments are for. You can also use drawings and pictures.
Students should also consider different cultural, political, religious and social influences during this period.
Students should also list their source of references; students should also list any quotes from articles and books. Students can also include drawings and pictures.


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