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Each Essay should be 250-300 words. All Essay must be answered. Please use the book for references and make sure citation is provided if book or other references are used. 
Essay 1. Name one person who lived/worked/governed in the state of Michigan during the 1700s OR 1800s that captured YOUR interest.  Then write an essay that answers the following questions: Who was the person?  How did this person shape the story of Michigan (or the story of a community in Michigan)? How did events/trends/landscapes in Michigan shape this person’s story (how was this person a product of their time and place)?
Essay 2. Identify one trend or theme in the Michigan region from the time period up until 1900.  Use examples to show how the theme or trend you identify connect different events, people, and geographical features of Michigan.
Essay 3. Why is it important to understand your local history?
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