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Ethics Case Study Essay Guide
As you prepare to write, please note some formal aspects that should be present in your essay: 1) title your paper with a short sentence that frame the reader’s attention to the main topic of your essay; 2) in the introduction you should BRIEFLY state the nature of the ethical problem presented and how you are going to approach the case; 3) in the body of the essay, please provide brief description, critical analysis, and discussion. The discussion is the most important aspects of this assignment; and 4) in the conclusion, please wrap up your analysis and the insights you provided in your essay.
A complete essay will:
· Consider the ethical dilemmas confronting Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas, the Judiciary Committee, Joe Biden and any other stakeholders you see fit to name
· Clearly lay out values that you believe should govern an ethical society.
· Clearly lay out and prioritize your own ethical values and the categories or kinds of ethics these represent with relation to the societal ethical values you have laid out.
· Apply your ethical values and what you have been taught in this class about racism, sexism, economic inequality and other power differentials as well as cultural pathology and cultural racism to an evaluation of the decisions made by Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas and the Judiciary Committee considering the ethical dilemmas each was presented with.
o When laying out your argument you may want to consider such factors as the class disparities, race, income, gender roles, stereotypes, sentencing, elitism, etc.
· Conclude by stating and justifying your own ethical conclusions about the case and the kinds of ethics you utilized to arrive at those conclusions.
Please cite and reference all information that you use to help construct your essay particularly the course readings.


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