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Home English homework help. Annotated Bibliography Instructions
You are requested to submit for grading, an annotated bibliography.  Remembering the first time I was asked to write one, DON’T PANIC!  It’s super easy and simple! This annotated bibliography is merely to get you on track for your final paper, in which you decide what topic you will be writing about.  So here is a breakdown of what I require in this class:

  1. Find at least THREE (3) outside sources on the topic you wish to write.  Skim them over, read the abstract…will this source help you prove your point? You don’t have to necessarily read the source entirely, although you always are free to get ahead of the game and do so, but get an idea through skimming and reading the abstract if the paper works for your argument.  If yes, set it aside and find two more that also work.  Then:
  2. Create a “References” page in APA formatting. Then provide a brief paragraph on WHY that source is needed for your final paper (remember I asked you to do that before you chose that source, right?). You place this brief paragraph underneath the citation for that source. Then:
  3. SUBMIT!

Yes, it’s that simple!  There is a short pptx on this provided.  YES, there is a cover sheet, but NO abstract necessary.
NOTE:  While there are tricks to incorporating this annotated bibliography for your References page but you MUST remove the short paragraph in order to do this.  No worries…I will work with you on this!

Home English homework help


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