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· Page Length: 3-4 pages Excluding Title and Reference pages
· The paper will include the following:
§ Clinical Question
§ Group Research Question and in PICOT format
§ Purpose of your paper
§ Search Strategy
§ Search terms
§ Databases used: Chamberlain Database
§ Refinement decisions made
§ Identification of one most relevant articles and why chosen
§ Levels of Evidence
§ Type of question asked
§ Best evidence found to answer question
§ Format
§ Correct grammar and spelling
§ Use of headings for each section
§ Use of APA format (sixth edition)
· Required to write the paper based on PAPER FORMAT in page 2
· Refers to Grading Rubric in page 3
Research Question
· Accurately and clearly states your group’s research question as your group formulated using PICO format.
Purpose of Paper
· Describe the purpose of your topic search strategy (ITSS) paper.
Search Terms
· List all terms you used to search for your articles (i.e. breast cancer, screening, mammography, intervention, assessment, influencing factors….etc.)
Library Databases
· List Chamberlain library database you used (i.e. EBSCO, Medline, OVID, PubMed….etc.)
· Google search engine is NOT the library database
Availability of Articles
· How many research articles were available to answer your group research question?
§ Provide numbers of articles, NOT just saying “plenty, sufficient, many…etc.
Refinement Decisions
Changed Decision
· What decision(s) have you changed from your original search strategies? (i.e. peer-review, within last 5 years, primary data article, full-text….etc.)
Rationale for Changed Decision
· What was your rationale for your decision to change from original search strategies?
Availability of Articles
· How many research articles were available to answer your group research question after refinement decision?
§ Provide numbers of articles, NOT just saying “plenty, sufficient, many…etc.
Final Decision
Selection of Relevant Articles
· Describe decisions you made to specifically select 1 PRIMARY DATA ARTICLE as relevant for answering your group Research Question and for reviewing/analyzing for Analyzing Published Research Article paper.
Levels of Evidence
Topic Addressed
· Describe how your article addresses the topic (i.e. therapy, prognosis, risk factors, assessments, measurement tools, meaning….etc) (see handout)
Study Type
· Identify study type of article(s): Quantitative, Qualitative, Descriptive, or Mixed-Method Study
Level of Evidence: Evidence Level Pyramid
· Identify and describe the level of evidence based on Evidence Level/Hierarchy Pyramid
· Refers to Handout (Quick Guide to Designs in an Evidence Hierarchy)
· Summarize your overall article search processes/procedures.


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