Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. Length: 2000 – 3000 words
Task: Think about the organisation where you currently work (if you do not currently have a job, think of an organisation where you have worked or would like to work) and identify two major challenges the organisation is likely to face in the future. Use the SHRM model to access the situation, verify whether or not these are actual problems and, if so, determine how it would best be addressed. Use Ernst & Young as the Organisation.
Presentation: Three elements that could be useful for written essay type work are:
Text organization – this can include essay structure including reference list/bibliography, quality of argument etc
Content – including conceptual understanding, reference to the theoretical concepts, evidence of wide reading etc.
Presentation – including ease of reading; editing proof-reading; spelling, grammatical structure, punctuation, consistent use of referencing as examples.
Assessment Criteria: See assessment rubric for full details of marking criteria

Human Resource Management homework help


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