Human Resource Management homework help

Compensation Options in Health Care Organizations
Compensation and benefits are very important to employees in all organizations. It is important to understand the most common benefits available to employees and how offering a quality compensation package attracts and retains quality employees.
For the assignment, pretend you are responsible for updating employees on the monetary compensation models and benefits currently available at your organization. Create an oral presentation that gives a detailed review of how employee pay is determined and a description of each benefit they qualify for. Be sure to include:

  • Current monetary compensation models
  • How monetary compensation is determined
  • Health care and other insurance available
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employee eligibility for insurance and retirement benefits
  • Time off
  • Any fringe benefits, like gym memberships, transportation assistance, or other special perks
  • Include a benefit that you would like to see at your workplace that you do not currently have.

Oral presentation guidelines
You may use any format to present your information, but it must include a minimum of three minutes of oral voice recordings. This can be done through:

  • A video or PowerPoint, such as one played during a first-day employee orientation
  • A creative advertisement
  • Infographic/poster presentation

Include a list of references in APA format. If you choose one of the video options, provide a list of references in a separate Microsoft Word document. The reference list may be added to the end of the PowerPoint, infographic, or poster presentation.


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