Human Resource Management homework help

Purpose of Assignment 
The purpose of this assignment is to examine the human resource management process in relation to recruitment and selection, training and development, and retention/attrition.
Assignment Steps 
Select an organization (current, previous or one that you are familiar with) and examine the human resource management (HRM) process within.
Prepare a 1,200-word evaluation on the HRM process within organizations.
Include the following:
introduction and conclusion paragraphs-

  • Define the HRM process.
  • Examine the recruitment and selection process and employee development.
  • Discuss how these processes are handled within the selected organization and their effectiveness.
  • Discuss the role management plays in these processes.
  • Identify how organizations benefit from having a HRM process in place.
  • Examine the retention/attrition rates within the organization over the past year and identify the drivers of the increase/decrease.
  • Provide at least three recommendations the organization can incorporate to improve statistics and ensure employers are retaining good talent.

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references in your paper in APA7 format.
Format your paper consistent with APA7 guidelines.


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