Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help.  
Examine: Scholarly Article
Evaluation Title: Scholarly Article Scavenger Hunt
Choose a scholarly journal article from the Herzing Academic Library that is of interest to you.
Remember that a scholarly journal article is

  • To inform and report on original research or experimentation to the rest of the scholarly world.
  • Includes graphs, charts and images that support the research.


  • Using the article chosen to complete the chart below.
  • Please compose answers in complete scholarly sentences and paragraphs.
Article reference in APA format.  
Provide the link to the article.  
List the contextual questions you would use to guide your reading (2-4 questions).  
What is the technique that the author is using?  
Is the technique effective?  
Which of the note taking methods would you use when reading this article?  
Explain why you would choose the identified note taking strategy.  
Identify the audience for this article.  
Explain the purpose of this article.  
How do graphs and charts support the article?  
How is the voice of authority evident in this article  
Provide three discipline specific vocabulary words and definitions from the article.  
How are images used to support the information provided in the article?  

Provide the link to the article.  

Human Resource Management homework help


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