Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help. I need create a tutorial to help elderly people to use to technology and internet, to do regular routines such as online grocery shopping, refilling prescriptions or maintaining financials.
Attached sample video or PPT.
Tutorial Instructions:
The content of the tutorial must take the form of either an original slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint® or Prezi©) or video. The length of the tutorial is dependent on audience needs, as you will need to make sure the content is detailed enough for the audience to successfully complete the described process. Minimally, though, the tutorial should describe a process with at least seven steps. The following requirements must also be met:
The tutorial must have engaging, helpful, and consistent design through color, font, and layout.
The tutorial must consist of at least 12 slides, if a slide presentation; or, be at least two-minutes long, if a video.
At least two, relevant graphics must be provided in the tutorial; if you did not create the graphic yourself, then it must be cited in APA citation format. All graphics need to be labeled.
The presentation must have the following content: an introduction; a description of the process; and a conclusion. Consider including a list of necessary materials and relevant warnings/risks to further help the audience.
The description of the process must go beyond a set of instructions, and provide insights that give an original and insightful perspective of the process.
All text in the tutorial should follow Standard American English rules for grammar, punctuation, and word choice.
All text representing ideas from a source and graphics you did not create must be cited in APA format; this includes in-text citations and a references page with full-citations. Failing to cite information paraphrased, summarized, or directly from a source is a form of plagiarism and subject to the consequences noted in the Policy on Plagiarism. Choosing a topic that you are familiar with will help avoid the need for outside research in the project.

Information Systems homework help


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