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Fall 2020                                              
Do not include the actual questions along with your answers – just provide the correct question number. Please write your answers in the same order. Your plagiarism index should be under 10% (since you going to remove the questions).  No answer should be more than 50 lines or less than 10 lines for the whole question (not for each sub section!).

  1. [20] Some people have proposed establishing legal standards and regulations to govern safety-critical computer-based systems.
  2. Give and explain a few of the best arguments for and against such a proposal (at least two on each side).  Give counter-arguments against the arguments for each side.
    Note: the “counter-arguments” you are asked to give should oppose or answer the arguments on the other side as directly and convincingly as possible.  They should not be simply unrelated arguments on the opposite side of the issue.
  3. Describe two provisions that may be included in such regulations.  How effective do you feel each provision would be?


  1. [20] For the following scenario, identify at least 3 stakeholders. List at least 2 possible actions. How would each possible action affect each of the 3 stakeholders (give at least one possible consequence for each stakeholder and each possible actions – 6 total)? Which action would you take?  Why? – Use ACM code or SE code (specify the number) where appropriate to justify your answer.

You are the lead programmer on a new software product.  You work for a small, privately owned software company that has had only limited success in the past.  There is nothing else on the market similar to the new software you are developing.  The software is just entering alpha-testing stage, which is estimated to take approximately 3 months and only involves company employees.  After that the product will enter beta-testing stage and will involve potential customers and users of the software.  This stage is estimated to take 7-9 months.  The scheduled release date is 14 months from now.  You and the other developers have been working long hours, 60 hours a week, and earning a relatively low salary.  The entire development team will be sharing in the profits once the new software is launched.  The owner has just returned from an industry tradeshow, and has learned about a consumer tradeshow that would be perfect for launching the new product.  The project manager meets with you and the other developers on the team and tells you that the owner is very excited and determined to release the product at the consumer show, which is only 4 months away.  It will take at least 2 months to prepare the marketing and packaging for the product.  You are told you have 2 months to test and fix any problems.

  1. [20] a.   Briefly describe the major factors that contributed to the failure of any one of the following: the Denver Airport baggage system failure, or the Ariane 5 rocket malfunction.


  1. Briefly describe how professional techniques for increasing reliability and safety could have prevented these failures.


  1. [15] Explain the ethical and social implications of “offshoring”. Consider the issue from the perspective of both U.S. employees and foreign employees. Consider the issue from the perspective of companies hiring foreign workers.



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