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How does Data Management, Big Data Analytics, and Records Management help business to go Digital?
The digitization of the businesses has been a popular trend in the 21st century as experts call it the digital age. To put it simply digitization of businesses is the converting handling of information in the business from analog to digital and employing proper equipment that can handle and replace the human actions like maintenance of integrity of the stored data, transmission of data etc.[1] Lets us how each of data management, record management and data analytics play their part in taking a business into a digital arena.
Data management is as the name suggests gathering and managing data. This consists of storing, modifying and if necessary, recovering the data. With the advancements in the technology automation of a business with tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning has become new normal. Implementation of these technologies will also guarantee the integrity and the safety of the data.[2]
Records Management is the next step after data management is how to control use and/modify the data that is being gathered from every corner of the company. With software tools and languages like SQL, noSQL managing the records in a company has become a lot smoother in the digitized arena.
Big data technologies on the other hand assist the companies with tools to compete with others by analyzing the customer behavior [3]. For this reason, organizations are always developing new techniques for data mining and analytics to understand the business potential and environment of a consumer driven economy.
[1] Nandakumar Sivaraman (2018). Why Big Data Analytics should be a part of your Digital Transformation Journey.
[2] Xiaofeng, M., & Xiang, C. (2013). Big data management: concepts, techniques and challenges. Journal of computer research and development, 50(1), 146
[3] Hines. E, The Signs It’s Time to Shift to Digital Records Management. GRM Information Management,


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