Law homework help

Law homework help. Each question (choose only 2 of 5 offered) is worth 50 points. Answer as thoroughly and detailed as possible in essay format  2 typewritten double spaced pages for each question for a total of 4 pages. What to study: Walsh text Chapters 7 through 13, class notes, review notes, Trial Jurors Manual, Contract and Administrative Law handouts, cases discussed in class.
1. Compare and contrast civil law with criminal law including burdens of proof, how a case is brought, description of all areas of civil law including contract, and family law and the 3 major categories of civil litigation and famous case discussed in class regarding area of negligence.
2. Administrative law – what is it, how does an administrative agency work, what are the judges called and why are administrative agencies necessary? Name at least 5 federal administrative agencies and 1 major N.J. state agency.
3. Juvenile justice – What are juveniles called when they break the law? Describe in detail the  landmark case that established constitutional protections for juveniles. List the protections and describe 3 ways a juvenile case gets into adult court.
4. Give a detailed description the U.S. Constitution Articles I, II, and III,  what area of the federal branch each covers, and the powers for each branch in detail. Describe the Bill of Rights, why they were put in  place by the Founding Fathers and choose three of them, describe them in your own words and why you chose them.
5. Choose one of the hot debate presentation topics and argue pro and con on the topic. If you choose this question, it must be a topic you did NOT debate on.

Law homework help


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