Law homework help

Law homework help.

PLEASE FOLLOW MY PROPOSAL AND MY PROFESSOR’s FEED BACK! It’s attached. design a research project for a paper of about 1000-1250 words (4 to 5 pages) on the movie Get Out. The paper should be thesis-driven, with research serving two functions:
o As evidence illustrating and supporting your main point
o As a means of positioning your view within the existing critical conversation surrounding your topic
• Research: There are two kinds of information you will look for in your research—facts and opinions.
FACTS- Find factual, or background, information in many different kinds of places. A website like will give you lots of technical facts on the filmmakers and actors.
OPINION-locate at least one secondary source with a view or argument relevant to your topic or your texts. For full credit, include a quotation or paraphrased view from at least one such source.
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Law homework help


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