Literature homework help

Literature homework help. Assignment Introduction:
Event planning has become an important consideration for any entity wishing to promote its business. Promotional events are now necessary for any organization’s marketing plan. Carefully planned events allow organizations a closer, more personal means of interacting with current or potential customers or supporters.
The success or failure of a business can be determined, in large part, by the events it sponsors.
Event planning can be defined as the coordination of all aspects of an event, including budgeting and program development. Designing and producing an event is analogous to a live stage production.
Once the event begins, there is no turning back. There is no guarantee of a successful outcome; however, event organizers can plan, prepare, and be prepared for the unanticipated (Allen, 2000, KE Holley,2001).
Student may choose any ONE of the following events for your assignment:
1. Birthday party
2. Fashion Show
3. Wedding lunch
4. Alumni Re-union dinner
5. Sports Events
6. Community Event
You are the owner and manager of Dragon Events Pte Ltd.  You have been approached by one of your clients to come up with an event proposal to be held in Singapore in November 2021.
You are to draft a proposal to your client and ensure that it covers the following:
1) Introduction
· The vision and mission of your organisation
· The objective of the event, concept and description
· The unique selling point (USP) of the event
2) Budget for the event
· Detail projection of revenue and expenses
· Funding of event (e.g. funded, self-funded or sponsorship) see template attachment 1
3) Marketing and promotional plan
· Social media platform, tickets, posters, etc.
4) Division of tasks and individual responsibilities (before and during the event day)
5) Floor plan and event layout plan- see template attachment 2
6) Menu and Beverage Planning (if any)
7) Activities and Games (if any)
8) Resource Planning (provide a breakdown of the resource list)
9) Action Plan
· Timeline and deliverables (Gantt chart) – see template attachment 3
· Detailed event program including detailed running sheet for the event, see template attachment 4
10) Conclusion (your learning outcomes)
The report must contain the following sections and details:
1. This is an individually assignment,
2. You are to choose one of the event theme given, with the approval of your lecturer.
3. You are required to write a report of 3000 words, +/- 10%.
4. It must be supported by academic literature reviews on the subject matter for all points.
5. The report must follow the correct format:
– Please type 1.5 line spacing
– 2 lines spacing between each paragraph
– Use Times Roman, 12 point font
– All pages of your assignment must be numbered appropriately and justified
– Title the headers and/or sub headers (if applicable) and provide relevant tables and figures (if necessary).
6. Please use the ‘spelling and grammar’ function in Microsoft Word to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors.
7. You must use in – text citations and end-text reference list based on Harvard style of referencing format. Please note that some marks may be deducted for incorrect referencing. Sources from the Google and Wikipedia are excluded.
8. All sources must be acknowledged in a “list of references” employing the Harvard system. This must be included in the last slide.
9. Individual are to submit your assignment through the Safe Assign link through Blackboard, the last submission being the final Safe Assign originality report.

Literature homework help


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