Literature homework help

1. What are the differences between Agenda Setting and Media Framing? Sources: McCombs & Shaw, 1972. Entman, 2003
2. How can white women make conscious efforts in seeing women of color as women, different from themselves, while not making themselves inferior to them because of their differences?
Source: the Lorde PDF article
3. How do the four ethical principles of bodily integrity, personhood, equality, and diversity relate to one another in the context of Correa and Petchesky’s “Reproductive and Sexual Rights: A Feminist Perspective”? Source: Correa and Petchesky’s “Reproductive and Sexual Rights: A Feminist Perspective”?
These are the 3 questions I need help by 11/13/2020 9 AM. These questions will be 2 to 3 sentences long and would also require a reference page from a peer reviewed article. I have included the source if that helps.


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