Literature homework help

Literature homework help. Final Assignment
This assignment includes 2 direct related assignments
Due July 21 at 11:59 am
suggested Length: 4 – 5 pages (not including the required illustration)
No research is required for this paper—Choose a favorite story from the ones you read this quarter, or choose one from the page “Extra Stories” in the Fiction Module.  If you like, you can approach the topic of your paper from one of the critical viewpoints (see Module One, “Critical Perspectives”).  Just remember to cite all page numbers from the textbook in MLA Style. This includes a Works Cited page.
-I have attached the class readings and stories. Please don’t use any other outside soruces
Illustration (required): To accompany your paper, provide an illustration that encourages the reader to think more deeply about the theme of your argument.  It could be complementary or ironic, depending on what kind of impression you want to make.
Format: Number the pages at the bottom; On the first page of the paper, type your name, date, and title of course in the top left-hand corner.
Subject of the paper: If you choose to write about a story you’ve already read and commented on, you could further develop one of the Response or Discussion Board prompts. Other ideas: if you want to write about Character Development or about Theme, look at the General Questions about Character on page 129 and the Tips for Identifying Theme on page 249.  Look for general prompts that can help you to start thinking about how you want to analyze the story you’ve chosen to write about. If you choose to write about one of the “Extra Stories,” you can still use any of the more general prompts as a way to get started.
Here is another, more creative option for your paper:
Write a brief analysis of, for example, point of view and character (2 pages), and then suggest how a REWRITING of these elements would change the story in significant ways. 
Here are some other ideas:

  • Argue that ending should be changed: give an example of the new ending: then explain why you would have written a different ending to that story and how the new ending would change the reader’s experience of the narrative.
  • Introduce a new character: then write about how this new character would further develop a theme you have identified as central to the story.
  • Argue that the setting should be changed: time, place, or both. Again, explain how changing the setting affects the story’s plotline.  Tell me what you hope to accomplish by changing the setting of the story.
  • Argue that the point of view should be different, or the verb tense, present instead of past, or vice versa. Change the point of view from 1stto 3rd or from 3rd to 1st  or even 2nd person (when the author address the reader or refers to the main character as “you”).

Do not need to rewrite the entire story: choose 2 or 3 paragraphs of the story (highest points of interest, preferably) that would allow you to illustrate the point you are making with your changes.  For instance, you could start with a paragraph that poses the question “What would happen if ________?”  In order to fulfill the assignment, you will need to apply what you’ve learned about fiction and also about the analysis of fiction, so it is not as “easy” as it may look. 
Just because you’ve chosen this creative approach, remember that the thesis for this kind of paper should make an argument: for instance, you should suggest a particular point of view about the story, making an argument with regard to your point of view, and then the body paragraphs should offer evidence to support that thesis. Remember to use specific evidence to support your claims.  Otherwise, you will end up writing a very general, unfocused and ultimately uninteresting essay.
Assignment 2, in a separate document:
Due July 21 at 11:59 am
Share the introductory paragraph of your final paper and a brief explanation of why you wanted to write about this particular story and/or topic.

Literature homework help


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