Making Apple sauce

Your Name:                                                                                     Date: 5th  December 2020
Curriculum Area:     Nutrition                                                       Domain (S): Preschool
Activity Title: Making Apple sauce                                       Appropriate Age:  3 – 5 years

Learning Activities
The activity includes a hands-on approach, so I would provide a background on the fruit to be studied and how it can be applied in various ways/ I would then ask the children to describe what an apple looks like. This will follow by dividing the children into groups for a more personal and interactive approach. This will allow each child to be actively involved in the lesson.
Brief Description of The Activity: (Briefly describe how would you conduct your activity)
I will first ensure the children understand each ingredient to understand the purpose each serves. I will then personally guide them on how to measure and to mix them.


Possible Activity Objectives: (Objectives need to be observable, measurable, and achievable.  Three parts need to be included: input (activity), specific observable behavior (describe what child is to do using Bloom’s verb), and the minimum level of performance) Example- After completing sorting leaves activity, children will….
1. By understanding the process followed in the making of apple sauce, they will learn to appreciate the effort and energy put in making the product and the purpose it serves.
2. After completing the activity with aid from the book Ten Apples On Top By Dr. Seuss, they will be able to understand the importance and value of the fruit.
3. After looking at the pictures, the children will identify parts of the apple tree and how long it takes to mature.


Materials Needed (Please list ALL materials needed (including how many of each, table covers, trays, smocks, etc.)
4 medium Granny Smith Apples ½ Tsp Ground Cinnamon
2 Tbs Brown Sugar 1 ½ Tbs Lemon Juice
½ Cup Water 1/8 Tsp Salt
Book: Ten Apples On Top By Dr. Seuss  


Opening / Introductory Statement: (What will you do first? How would you introduce this activity? How will you set the stage and get the attention of the group? You can use a prop like a book, toy, picture, real object as part of your statement.)
I will ask the children to identify an apple and if they have ever consumed it in whatever form. I will then use the book Ten Apples on Top by Dr. Seuss to better illustrate the main content of the day’s activity.
Middle: (Write possible questions or statements you will use to extend thinking while children are exploring. A minimum of 5 questions is required for this section. Please include a minimum of five open-ended questions)
1. Ask the children to describe the different shapes and colors of Apples they know or have seen around, be it at home or in the market.
2. Ask the children if their parents prepare for them plain apples or apple sauce.
3. Ask the children to name their favorite apple-based by-product, e.g., Juice, Pie e.t.c
4.Ask the children where they think the apple comes from before it arrives at the grocery store.
5. Ask the children what parts of the apple should not be eaten.
Ending/Closing Statement / Transitional Activity: (How will you end this activity?  What statement will you use?  Describe how you will provide a smooth transition for children from this activity to the next.)
I will end the lesson by asking the children what ingredients were used to make the apple sauce and where they can be found.


Extended Activities: (List the ways to extend this activity, such as adding materials, building on concepts, experimentation, etc.)
1.      Have the children collect and compare the different fruits they can find and what they can use.
2.      Have the children ask their parents to prepare other sauces using a different type of fruit, e.g., pickled lemons or simple tomato sauce.
3.      Help the children attempt more exercises that involve connecting the dots to improve their drawing skills.


Modification: (How would you modify your activity based on individual needs? How would you accommodate all children in this activity?)
I will use pictorial representations in books, newspapers, magazines, and journals to illustrate the different types of apples known to man and where they are grown.


Teacher’s Role: (What will be YOUR role in the activity?)
I will guide the children during the lesson, taking proper time at each group to ensure each child has a list of what is happening and more. I will also be keen to make it more interesting by employing some incentive, for example, offering the first group to complete the task a treat like an apple each. Give practice questions about counting. To promote responsibility, I will get the children to clean their work stations and the items they used for the activity. Just before the lesson ends, I will give them the warning to conclude their findings and finalize their final product so that they can finally enjoy the fruits of their labor by eating the apple sauce.


Standard and DRDP: (Connection to Preschool Learning Foundation (include a heading, number, and definition) & Desired Results of Developmental Profile (include measure title and number)
DRDP assessment tool was developed for young children to direct instruction and program development. To assess whether the students understand, I will give them an exercise on counting better to understand the rate and depth of their understanding. Finally, I will ask the children to try connecting the dots that, when fully joint, form the shape of an apple.


Evaluation: (This part could be hypothetical. I want you to have experience writing an evaluation of your planned activity¦, what works, what may not work, did you meet your goals and objectives, why or why not? etc.)
The overall experience of the activity was fulfilling. This was seen with the children’s enthusiasm and anxiety, and curiosity concerning the origins of apples and the variety of ways it can be used. Practical illustrations and an interactive approach provide better understanding since it is a sure way to pick their interest. The goals and objectives were met with a few obstacles, such as a shortage of extra ingredients in case of any accidents.



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