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Assignment I: Business Process Re-engineering Video
Purpose: by examining a current business process and identifying an area that can lead to improvement along with redesigning the workflow will allow students to carefully evaluate the various IT functions and understand how to apply IT strategies to management of enterprise IT operations.
Length: 9-11 minute presentation video
Value: 30%
Investigate and analyse a current business process from any business unit and identify an area where the use of IT can lead to improvement to solve problems and/or to take advantage of business opportunities along with redesigning/modifying the workflow.
Briefly describe the issue/opportunity and conduct situation analysis using tools such as SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, PEST, Demand analysis as you see relevant, before discussing your suggestions in the process improvement model. Try to provide evidences to support your arguments, and this can be in term of references, framework, etc.
Choose a BPM tool, then draw both As-Is and To-Be business processes and highlight the role of each process owner and discuss how the changes will improve the business.


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