Management homework help

  • Select a job, related to the degree you are pursuing, that interests you.
  • Explore the technology requirements as an employee in the context of the items in this week’s lecture, Chapter 6.  Find (3) different risks or opportunities as presented.
    • Compare and contrast your findings from the perspective of a domestic (U.S.) based scenario and also from a non-US position.
  • Draft a (4) page paper where you describe your selections and how to either mitigate the risks or extend the opportunities.  You should also include relevant ethical concerns. This needs to the same type of job in both the U.S. and not in the U.S. scenario.

The main body of your work does not include any content such as a title page, or reference section.  There is no need for an abstract.  You are expected to use at least (4) external sources; you should use in text citations and an APA compliant reference section.  Your sources should be substantial and reputable. Substantial and reputable sources could include, but not limited to, peer reviewed journals, industry/trade publications, and government sources.  Be very careful about web sites in general.
Wiki sites are not considered substantial or reputable as sources, but they could serve as a starting point.


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