Management homework help

Management homework help. Risk Management Presentation
This part of the term assignment is to create a presentation of how you worked to create your Risk
Management Plan and Register over the term. This is not a general presentation of risk management –
it is specific to the work you have done all term. If you would like to introduce the concept at the start
of the slide, you may do that – however, the focus of this work is how the risk work was done on your
project – what tools/ techniques/ processes were used, how they worked, what you would do different
moving forward (see slide guide for details). This is your opportunity to revise work done all term based
on instructor feedback as well as what you have continued to learn from the course content and your
This purpose of this presentation is to present your risk work to your peers for their review – this will be
posted to the DB at the end of Week 5 (Sunday night) and will allow others in class to benefit from your
insights and perspectives. Students will both give and receive feedback with classmates.
Given this, assume your presentation audience is a peer review board. These folks “know” risk
management. In addition to sharing specifically how the risk work was done, it is also the opportunity to
share lessons learned – to identify effective elements of your work and provide insights into what else
might be considered. Consider answering the following questions for your presentation:
Slide 1: Cover slide and your name
Slide 2 – Overview of project
Slide 3 – Key components of your Risk Management Plan – subsequent slides will share the detail of the
risk management plan and your risk register. Be sure to explain key parts that informed your risk work
that are not explained in slides 4 – 8.
Slide 4 – How were risks identified? The value of your approach? What was difficult? Lessons for next
Slide 5 – How were risk prioritized? How valid do your feel this approach is? What does it it now
address? What was the risk threshold to determine if risks were addressed or remained on a watch list?
Slide 6- How were risk response strategies developed? Integrated with your other planning
components? Secondary risks added? Based on your risk reassessment, do these actions add value?
Slide 7 – What is your request for Contingency Reserve? How was it determined? Is it sufficient? How
will it be managed?
Slide 8 – How will risks be controlled? How will you ensure that risk work continues through the project
and that the risk register is up to date?
You should use 2 – 3 risks to tell the story in Slides 4 – 7. This is not a presentation of your complete list
of risks but rather your process with an example or two to be shared.
Slide 9 – Value of Risk Management – how much better off is this project based on the risk work? What
is left to be done?
Slide 10 – Be sure to include the necessary references and citations (APA 6 format)
You have to provide detail notes for each slide that thoroughly explain the work on each slide. This
information is to be written out in the notes section of the slide as a script for the presentation – if
read out loud, would read as the presentation if given in person

Management homework help


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