Management homework help

Management homework help.

 Resume and Cover Letter For both the resume and cover letter, you’ll start by finding a job posting (e.g., on Indeed) that: • requires a college degree in your field, is of interest to you, and • has an adequate description of requirements / skills required to allow customization. (Note that many employment agency or government job postings do not meet thisstandard.) For these assignments, you’ll first develop a draft which will be shared with your peers for feedback. Follow the format of examples in the book (Figures 13.11 through 13.14 for resume, or Figures 13.16 and 13.17 for cover letter). Your final draft will be submitted to Blackboard for grading after peer feedback has been incorporated. Your job posting must be included with each deliverable. Both your resume and cover letter must be customized to the job posting that you selected. When submitting your final draft for grading, please include a brief, separate note explaining how you’ve customized for the particular job to which you are applying.

  • Follow the format of examples in the book (pages 417-420 for resume, pages 428-429 for cover letter)
  • Your posting must:
    • require a college degree in your field and is of interest to you
    • have an adequate description of requirements / skills required (to allow customization)

Please post your draft cover letter, resume and job posting
BOOK: Guffey, Mary Ellen and Loewy, Dana (2019). Essentials of Business Communication 11e, Boston, MA, Cengage Learning. ISBN 978-1-337-38649-4 or 978-1-337-38661-6 (loose leaf).

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Management homework help


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