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Prior to attempting this discussion forum, please read the following case study and related articles:

The readings and learning activities this week explore the impact of strategic leadership on local and global communities, as well as future implications of these approaches on those communities. While many strategic leadership case studies focus on traditional organizations that produce tangible products with supply chains in local communities, this case study takes a modern approach looking at a digitally-based organization—Facebook—from its inception to its exponential growth. To prepare for the discussion post, you will read the case study along with three articles on the strategic leadership approach of Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.
Read the required materials for the week, and then respond to the following questions in your essay response:

  • How would you describe Mark Zuckerberg’s strategic leadership approach?
  • How did Mark Zuckerberg’s strategic leadership approach impact local and global communities in the introduction and usage of Facebook?
  • What are some potential future implications of Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership approach on the local and global communities in which it operates?



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