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Questions: Long Answer   [20  Marks  ] each: Total : 100 Marks

  1. The E-health application Al Shifa System from the Ministry of Health (MoH) is one of the most advanced e-Government applications. Al-Shifa is a comprehensive healthcare information management system developed as complete solution for a healthcare facility management from electronic medical records to Assets, Inventory, FA, and HR management. Write about (1)E-government, (2) the importance of E-government and (3) what recommendation you would provide to improve Al-Shifa System at Omani hospitals.


  1. The food industry must operate tough schedule with supplies that have limited shelf- life and quickly approaching expiration dates. Write (1) about supply chain management and (2) the importance of applying very effective SCM. (3) List the different types of products and (4) what issues might be faced by the college canteen regarding logistics and (5) what solutions you suggest using new technologies.


  1. In the past twenty years, academic libraries have generated increasing amounts of information about their operations. Yet, like higher education and industry, libraries rarely use this operational information to create or apply organizational knowledge. The emerging field of knowledge management offers academic libraries the opportunity to improve effectiveness. Write (1) about knowledge Management, (2) the importance of knowledge management, (3) types of knowledge management and (4) what application you would suggest to your academic institutions in order to improve the sharing of knowledge between faculties and students.


  1. With CRM, the Tescos and Amazons of this world were not only able to win new customers, clients, and users, they got lifetime value out of them. With targeted marketing campaigns, these brands hit the right people with the right offers, at exactly the right time. Write (1) about customer relationship management, (2) the importance of customer relationship management, with illustrations and (3) provide examples from local market companies.


  1. E-procurement gains its popularity through people’s trends of using the internet. Functionally, e-procurement can have three approaches: e-procuring non-production goods and services, e-sourcing and e-auction .Explain with illustration (1) what is meant by E-procurement, (2) E-procurement cycle, (3) the importance of e-procurement, (4) and provide some local examples?



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