Management homework help

Management homework help. 4 PAGES
1. a. Discuss why companies “go international’ and give specific 3 examples for reactive and 3 proactive reasons (3 each minimum, total 12 points).
b. Explain the global entry strategy you chose and pursued with your team for the group project. What are advantages and are there disadvantages? (10 points)
1. Quote from Florence King: “America is the only country in the world where you can suffer culture shock without leaving home.”
Read the quote and based on your studies, travels if applicable and experiences, share your opinion: Do you agree with Ms. King? Why? Or why not? (200 word minimum)
1. Imagine you are sent as an expatriate to go and work at the sister company abroad for 12 months.
Please explain in detail…
a. (3) of the biggest challenges that you foresee for you personally/professionally.
b. Ideas for solutions to manage these (3) challenges successfully.
c. (3) opportunities for you personally and professionally that you envision during this time abroad.
1. Envision yourself as an expatriate manager abroad. You will be leading teams with local employees and coach and teach them specific processes that are necessary for succeeding with the company’s business abroad.
a. What cultural differences and other aspects do you need to consider when working abroad with your team? Please provide an answer that applies to all global managers.
b. Please refer to your group project and explain specific aspects to consider when conducting business in your chosen country. Please explain in detail.
1. You have studied many topics about international management and business strategies throughout this course. At the same time, you have experienced an entire new way of learning and of ‘going about our business’. It looks like we will live with this ‘new reality’ for some time while navigating though some uncertainty.
What do you recommend that…
a. MNC (Multi-National Companies) can do to stay in business?
b. Young professionals and students like you can do to continue expanding their experience and skill sets?

Management homework help


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