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This is a discussion. Please list references. Here it is below
Week 10 Discussion – “Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace” Please respond to the following:

  • Flora Tucker, a Hispanic female, manages the Ames Department Store and asks for all potential applicants to take a general aptitude test for a sales position. Lori applies but was disqualified from consideration for the position.  Based on this scenario, argue whether or not you believe that the testing policy is a violation of Title VII. Explain what is required per Title VII and testing employees for a job and what helps to show validity of a test per the text reading.
  • Brian, one of your managers for your business, likes to hug employees in the morning and you have advised him against this practice.  You have provided him counseling and videos to watch that demonstrate appropriate touching and actions per sexual harassment in the workplace.  Brian is mentally challenged and employees understand his limitations.  Lori files suit for sexual harassment against your business for Brian’s actions.   What forms of sexual harassment discrimination exist today and, would Lori prevail in a lawsuit against your company?  Why or why not?
  • Please substantiate your answers and provide for resources per SWS requirements.


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