Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

  1. Written Component: SWOT Analysis – After reviewing the video develop a SWOT Analysis for your organization. Use the template below.

For Tesla please

Strengths Weaknesses
Opportunities Threats


  1. Strengths and Weaknesses are Internal to an organization
  2. What internal influences can be changed to benefit the overall standing of the organization (financial, optics, etc.)
  3. Opportunities and Threats are External to an organization
  4. What external influences can we respond to?
  5. What external influences are out of our control? (government mandated regulations, the economy)
  6. Expose which weaknesses may become opportunities.
  7. Compare your findings with your competitors
  8. Based on your findings, what gaps in service does your organization have?
  9. Make recommendations to close these gaps
  10. By closing the gaps does your organization position itself to gain market share and/or revenue?
  11. By closing the gaps will this impact your new or redefined product or service? If so, how?
  12. Share with the class


  1. Target Market – Finding Your Target Market
    1. Read: How to Define Your Target Market:
    2. Read: How to Find Your Target Audience and Crate the Best Content that Connects
    3. Video: How to Choose Your Target Market
    4. Video: How to Identify my Target Market; Use the Target Market Analysis Tool
    5. Written Component Part III: For your new or redefined product or service define who your target market is and being specific how you will find them?
      1. If you were to develop an information piece such as a flier or a postcard or other marketing , how would you find out where you target market is?
      2. If you were to open a high-end watch store, how would you determine where to send the post card about the store grand opening?
  • Use the US.Census.Gov website and choose a mid to large city. Using the link:,US/IPE120218 Find the median income of that city. Use 75080 zip code
    1. Could this information be useful in finding a target market? If yes, describe how?
    2. Using the demographics and mapping functions determine what neighborhoods to send the flier for your particular program or service.
    3. Take a screen shot to show one or more of your neighborhood/zip code selection(s).


Marketing homework help


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